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The starch content of corn and wheat is similar: why is the effect on blood sugar different?


The starch content of edible corn starch and wheat is similar: why is the effect on blood sugar different?

How to eat diabetes, has always been the most concerned about sugar friends. A sugar friend raised a very conscious question two days ago: the starch content of corn and wheat is similar. Why does wheat have a great effect on blood sugar after eating, and the effect of corn on blood sugar is very small?

If the starch content is found, the starch content in corn and wheat is indeed similar, corn contains 65% - 72% starch, and wheat contains 57% - 75% starch. They are all starches, but their ingredients are quite different. The starch contained in corn is mainly amylose, and the starch contained in wheat is mainly amylopectin. In addition, the practice of food is different, and their glycemic index is also very different. This is why they have a great impact on blood sugar. Let's take a look at the specific situation.

1 Starch is actually a sub-category, which includes amylose and amylopectin. Amylose is formed by a series of glucose groups one after another, like a line without a fork; while amylopectin does not. The same, it has branches, like a broom, spread a large piece; when eaten, the amylopectin and digestive juice contact surface is much larger, so it is broken down much faster; and the linear chain Starch is like a group of wool, always decomposing from the outer layer bit by bit, relatively slower than amylopectin;

2 The difficulty of digestion and the degree of absorption of starch are positively correlated with the degree of gelatinization. The more gelatinization is, the simpler the digestion, the easier the absorption, the more obvious the effect on blood sugar level; while the amylopectin is relatively relative during cooking. It is easier to be gelatinized in amylose, and naturally has a greater impact on blood sugar;

In summary, the more foods containing amylose have less effect on blood sugar levels, the amylose content in corn can be up to 50%, and the maximum amylose content in wheat is only 25%. At a glance!


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