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Edible corn starch is not the same as wheat starch.

Wheat starch is a starch extracted from wheat. In the past, fermentation was used. After the wheat was softened and ground, it was acid-fermented, so that the cells surrounding the starch granules were dissolved and the starch was easily separated.

Cheng powder is also known as Cheng surface, Ting powder, wheat starch. It is a non-gluten flour with wheat. Can be used to make a variety of snacks such as shrimp dumplings, powdered fruit, sausage powder and so on. It is the processed flour. After rinsing with water, the powdery gluten in the flour is separated from other substances. The gluten is gluten, and the rest is the gluten.

1. In addition to being directly used, it can be processed into various modified starches, hydrolyzed products, etc.:

2. Foods made from starch such as vermicelli, vermicelli, etc. can be eaten directly;

3. Starch as a raw material can be used in instant noodles, ham, ice cream and other foods and degradable plastic products. It is used as a fermentation raw material for the production of products such as starch sugar, amino acid, alcohol, antibiotics, and MSG. Starch can also be processed into modified starch, which is widely used in paper, textile, food, foundry, medicine, construction, oil drilling, mineral processing and other fields.

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